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ProdigioUS is a website that is dedicated to help people learn about and how to use Prodigio RTS.  
What is Prodigio?  What is RTS?
Prodigio is a Robotic Trading System (RTS) that was developed by M-Power Trading.  You can follow the link to their about page but the Long and Short of it is that Prodigio is a new revolution in stock trading.  You can easily trade your portfolio manually like most trading platforms but it also has a easy to use, drag-n-drop system of building rules and strategies you can use to scan the market for your trading setups or even automatically make the trades for you. 
As easy as M-Power made the program to use, there have been a lot of people asking a lot of questions about how to use the platform and how to build strategies and is there a useres manual.
What we did at ProdigioUS was to make a website that is built around an easy to use Users Manual for Prodigio.  And provide a chat room and coment areas to get questions answered.  Further we can help you learn to navigate the platform and can help you build the strategies that will bring your Trading Plan to life in a Robotic Trading Plan.
Our site Features: (open to public) 

 Additional Features for Members: (Free membership)

  •  Receive occasional emails for major news about Prodigio.
  • Additional blog posts with advance feature information. 
  • Includes the Mobius Cave.  
  • More search features for finding more information easier.
You can Subscribe and get even more access! (monthly or yearly subscriptions)
  •  The Users Manual becomes more advanced with additional research and links. Also more examples of how the nodes can be used in rules.  
  • Read the entire articles for advanced topic blog posts.
  • Get Free downloads to Wiztools that are available in articles and blog posts.
  • Search links that search the entire site for more information and examples.  Not just the basic and member areas.
  • It is just a lot more fun being a Subscriber.  :)
Additionally we can provide the following services:
  • One-to-One Prodigio Training and Coaching
  • Ask in Private,  Have a problem with a rule or strategy that you don't want to reveal to the world!
  • Custom Coding, Have a Trading Plan that you want developed but you don't want to deal with the programming logic.



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