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02-10-2013 05:28:42
Good Afternoon Traders
Good Morning
02-11-2013 08:28:55
Good Morning :)
02-11-2013 09:06:45
once they fix multiple exit issue.. my strats should work fine
02-11-2013 10:05:49
Some rumor on thinkscript chat that Prodigio may be back on TOS. Apparant comment by Tom Cooke the pairs trader.
I thought they were going with OH only.
02-11-2013 10:08:02
Rumor Mill, TDA buys OH to get Prodigio back (lol)
02-11-2013 10:08:44
It would likely be pocket change if they did :)
02-11-2013 10:11:16
I think it is more likely that Tom may come to Prodigio when it is live again. He was using Prodigio for his pairs trading strategy.
02-11-2013 10:12:31
It seems odd to me that TOS lets hime talk about it in his chats.
02-11-2013 10:14:03
I had thought that strange also. But then again they do have a good following.
02-11-2013 10:29:12
What's new fellas? Morning!
02-11-2013 10:34:11
Hey PM, It is a fresh week :)
02-11-2013 10:42:03
I hear that!
Are the multiple exit strategies working? Or...
RR - just joined ur G+
02-11-2013 11:03:19
Thanks, :)
02-11-2013 11:03:58
What's the thought process? Multiple chat/s? Here and there...
02-11-2013 11:05:21
I don't think so yet, I just had one of my positions go from a Long($5k) to a short ($30k) I am trying to track down the original strat now as it says it is manual now.
02-11-2013 11:06:27
From Pairstrader, Live trading on Prodigio is temporarily suspended as of May 31st, 2012. As such we will not be posting any new Wizard Lab files as Prodigio is only available for paper trading at this time. During this transitional period, you can download the Prodigio RTS platform in demo mode for free with real-time data included at When Prodigio comes back online for live trading, we will resume trading pairs with full automation using Wizard Lab strategies.
there is no mention of a broker here...:)
02-11-2013 11:07:23
I already had a G+ page but I had set that up before they had the communities areas. I am thinking that at some point I may try out a hangout and see what that is like.
02-11-2013 11:07:49
02-11-2013 11:12:18
But basically I am going to try and keep posting new ideas and such there hoping that other G+ users will stumble across the area and discover Prodigio. At this point promotion is key to both Prodigio and me ;)
02-11-2013 11:12:23
pairs trader had replied with this snippet a few weeks ago "and yes if you decide to trade live, then you would have to have an options house account...
ps: responding from my personal email, since I am away from the office
02-11-2013 11:14:30
Understood RR.
02-11-2013 11:14:36
I would love to see prodigio be broker independent
optionshouse should think about implementing the minus symbol between symbols and create the buy and sell orders automatically the way TOS does
02-11-2013 11:51:12
Interesting, I wonder if OH would have to implement anything or could Prodigio handle it with order creation its self.
02-11-2013 12:26:00
How hard can it really be? Ask or bid already create a buy or sell order. The minus can do a "if" if the first symbol is Ask then second symbol is bid
creating the spread is a subtraction
that can be displayed in the platform
also being able to beta weight would be great
02-11-2013 12:59:25
Anyone experiencing back testing issues?
02-11-2013 01:07:33
Hey DB, what kind of issues?
02-11-2013 01:17:21
Just getting different results from back tests ive previously ran. For instance i have the SP100 default list, and my own list thats exactly the same as the SP100 default and they are getting different back test results.
For example ill run the same Back test 2 times without changing anything.. and get 2 different results.
02-11-2013 01:20:28
I have not heard anyone have that issue yet in 5.0. Are you running in Raw or Simulated mode?
02-11-2013 01:20:28
Are you using raw mode?
02-11-2013 01:25:24
I think i figured it out... it wasnt raw mode, i had changed a number in one of my studies. sorry!
02-11-2013 01:52:38
No problem, sometimes you just need a place to sound out the question so you see it better. :)
02-11-2013 01:56:45
no they are def messed up actually
not sure what is going on but i ran the same strategy 2 times, one against the dow 30 from the 1st of feb to just now, then i expanded the same strategy from jan 1st to now. First run came back with 10 opening positions, 2nd turn came back with 0 results.
The 10 results from Feb 1st - now would still fall in the Jan 1st to Now time frame. But it returned 0 results.
02-11-2013 02:00:52
I just ran one of my strats, the shorter test range is a subset of the longer one. I used the Dow-30 also. and had 2 hits in Feb on the shorter test and 3 hits in Feb on the longer test. That is the only thing I see different.
02-11-2013 02:19:07
anyone else's My Stocks list disappear today?
was fine, but then I added one name and saved it, now it doesn't show up in the list of options
02-11-2013 02:20:01
How big is the list?
02-11-2013 02:20:13
15 names or so?
I can recreate in a second, was just wondering if it's going to keep going away
02-11-2013 02:21:50
So you arent seeing it as an issue bruce?
02-11-2013 02:22:55
Interesting, I am not seeing a "My Stocks" name in my lists either. (I think I had one)
Try remaking the list and saving it with another name.
I do still have the lists that I saved with other names.
02-11-2013 02:24:32
yeah I just redid it, took 2 seconds, looks like it's still there after I saved and altered a couple times. May have just been a one time thing
you guys were talking about BT quirks - I've seen a few, especially in Raw Mode. I just ran a test for all of 2012, and it gave me 60+ results from 1/2/12 to 7/15/12, then it gave me zero after that.
I've also seen it stop giving results once it hits 15 "open" positions, which I didn't think it was supposed to do
02-11-2013 02:26:33
Not so much as a issue DB, I don't get so concerned about not getting a hit as I do if I get a hit that doesn't fit. I figure that as long as I get hits that fit it is still finding them faster then I can.
That shouldn't happen in raw mode but I have not been doing a lot of backtesting yet until they get the exit stuff figured out again.
02-11-2013 02:28:11
that's true. and it does seem to work OK for TO and RTS still, just more for honing in on issues with a strat or modifying things by using results from backtesting. makes it tough.
heard any ETA on when they plan to have exits up and running like they should in BT?
02-11-2013 02:33:13
Not for sure, I just sent in a detailed report on a exit issue I was experiencing in RTS. Went from Short $5k to Long $30k from exit.
02-11-2013 02:37:31
I'm going to start putting together a new report myself. I've got a laundry list of small quirks, but they add up to be a bigger deal
I take back what I said earlier - I'm getting hits in TO when my parameters are only partially met now. namely, I have it set to give me signals when oscillators are less than a certain constant, and a couple of them are getting triggered when they're way off
for whatever reason, it happens with MFI a lot. but not so much with IMI. except just recently.
02-11-2013 03:54:47
I have not had any TO hits today to compare with at least not from my rules. I have some pattern rules that hit that seem ok.
02-11-2013 04:02:07
Once these exit algos/rules are fixed this system will be great!! But, I can't get Prodigio to exit a simple intraday 'close all positions @ 3:55pm'...ugh.
exit -> meant to say 'execute'
02-11-2013 04:10:06
when you email support, do you need to send both the strategy and the rule?
my rules are made of sub-rules, so that could be annoying for them
02-11-2013 04:10:32
Dan is checking on the strategy and rule now. And yes, I sent both the full strategy and exit rule.
my mojo is really basic right now, so they should see the issue clearly imo.
02-11-2013 04:12:52
The one I sent in had 9 subrules in the Entry Master rule and 6 subrules in the exit. That was fun trying to put a package together for him to look at. ;)
It will be nice when we can just export a strategy again and get everything needed to run that strat.
02-11-2013 04:15:30
That's true.
doesn't the .wls file contain the exits too? or...
02-11-2013 04:17:08
It doesn't contain the actual rules just the path to them and the logic for the strategy setup.
So if you have a Master Rule that you use for the entrance that has subrules in it you have to export all of the subrules also. I put them all into a .zip file. We can import .zip files also.
02-11-2013 04:23:57
oh wow!
that's work!!
02-11-2013 11:33:06
good night Prodigists :)
02-12-2013 07:21:43
I just noticed "Edit Description" button in WL RB & SB. Looks like you have to edit the description then resave the rule or strategy for description updates to be made available.
02-12-2013 09:19:41
Yeah, I think it was a how can we quickly get them description edit decision.
02-12-2013 09:22:06
works for me
02-12-2013 09:23:14
I would still like to be able to edit from the popup description boxs.
02-12-2013 09:23:22
Hopefully the swing trades found yesterday will sell today as several are reaching exit criteria
Is it my imagination, or do I see extended hour trade price updated in the Portfolio tab view?
02-12-2013 09:28:32
Yes, the extended hours trades are shown. You can even see them on the chart by clicking the show extended line in the leftside window.
I don't know if you can trade them???
02-12-2013 09:42:16
sorry, didn't sleep much...Morning y'all!
02-12-2013 09:55:17
Morning PM
02-12-2013 10:46:49
Dang... Swing trade hit criteria according to TO but didn't close in RTS. Should have captured nice gap up gain on MAS. Hello Prodigio suppport...
They have gotta find the exit rule close problem. My swing trades (purchased yesterday) are up over $450. So far, I should have captured about half of that value if exit rules were working correctly.
02-12-2013 11:50:48
RTS an TO working good today. I had one trade put on the intraday is working. RR, do you you know what the little cog wheel is going to be used for in SB for the exit/entry criteria strips? They are under "Add Order"
They don't do anything now
02-12-2013 11:53:10
Yeah, I asked Mike about them awhile back, I think it is where we will be able to set Risk Settings per rule/order
02-12-2013 11:53:54
I guess we wait for more features
02-12-2013 11:55:47
I don't think they are going to add anything to the platform until after they get it Live again. I think they are in a design freeze, just trying to fix things like the exit problems.
I think the client side is in good shape actually, I think most of the issues we are seeing are on the server side.
02-12-2013 02:11:21
Market up, but I feel like I'm watching paint dry...
Nice! Exits are working on my end. Using crossovers of Bollinger Bands to exit longs and shorts.
02-12-2013 02:47:54
Are those day trades or multi day?
02-12-2013 02:49:29
02-12-2013 04:37:47
Well, I am working with Dan regarding the multi day exit issue. I have a strat that recreates the problem. He has it set up in a separate account with my symbol list. I cleared my portfolio and redepolyed the same time he did so we should get the same results. I am anxious to get this issue resolved. Hopefully they can go live soon after it is working correctly.
02-12-2013 04:40:57
awesome day..
02-13-2013 09:50:46
I had 1 trade from yesterday close on strat stop.
ATR stop
02-13-2013 05:40:30
So far, so good. Two swing trades from yesterday closed today and one intraday from today closed. I have gotten this far before only to have day three screw up. Keeping my fingers crossed.
02-13-2013 05:48:29
Sounds good :)
02-14-2013 10:09:27
Good morning. Strange things going on. Getting swing trade closes, but trigger is way off. Getting this out of RTS as well as TO. You seeing anything similar?
02-14-2013 10:22:50
No, so far my looks good this morning. I only have two postions on at the moment though.
Both new this morning.
02-14-2013 10:23:21
And they were slected correctly by your rule?
02-14-2013 10:23:54
I'll dig a bit deeper, but at a glance they look good.
02-14-2013 10:37:07
02-14-2013 10:42:49
I think it was a by the rules hit. Looks good to me.
02-14-2013 10:52:27
Does extended hours data get folded into the calculations of our rules, or just market hours data?
02-14-2013 10:59:49
I believe it is just market hours.
02-14-2013 11:11:01
02-14-2013 11:11:27
Okay im pretty concerned about BT results.. if you run a back test pre-market open hours, then run the same test after market opens you get different results.
02-14-2013 12:16:33
DB, I got just got off the phone with Dan. I did mention that you might be seeing something in the backtest results between open and pre-market. He said that they would look into it.
If you have any hard data on that you might want to send it in.
02-15-2013 09:35:48
And they're off... Good morning! Hopefully I will get more swing trade sells today. Sold one yesterday that was bought Tuesday. Had some strange Stochastic chart study readings yesterday, however. They are looking into that.
02-15-2013 09:38:08
Good Morning :)
02-15-2013 09:47:31
Stochastic values on Chart still out of sync with RTS and TO trigger.
02-15-2013 12:11:19
Hi Bruce, I've been away for several weeks.... anything new with Prodigio? Also can't seem to login after the latest update... any ideas?
02-15-2013 12:12:07
Hi Stephen.
If it has been several weeks you might want to uninstal and re-download from
They had a couple of auto-update fubars.
02-15-2013 12:47:34
Reload seemed to solve it... also had an oxidized DSL connection.
02-15-2013 01:16:28
Glad you got it working :)
02-15-2013 01:49:16
All systems go today
Overnight trades closing on targets and stops
02-15-2013 01:51:02
Cool, I think they are getting closer :)

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