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03-20-2014 12:36:50
Ok, It is looking like the problem I was seeing was not actually the Flag but that I had not renamed the strategy when I restarted it. We I restarted Prodigio this morning I had not stop the strategy I was using yesterday so it was still running. And it also seemed to be adhering to the Flags I had setup yesterday.
03-20-2014 04:10:55
Hi Bruce... I just talked with Prodigio support and found they are now connected to TDA but not announced yet.
TDA isnt covering the cost of Prodigio so a minimum charge is going to be $99 for platform and $47 for data plus commissions with TDA.
Those charges are per month.
03-20-2014 04:13:17
Hi Stephen, Yeah they are still working on a couple of items before going public with the announcement.
03-20-2014 04:14:28
Going to be a hard sell with other autotrade/algorithm platforms coming out for free.
03-20-2014 04:16:00
I think we need to convince TDA that they will be making more back than what Prodigio will cost with their commissions. TOS had/has a $40 rebate for making 40+ trades a month.......
03-20-2014 04:16:43
It makes sense for TDA to at least try underwriting it for a year to see how they do.
I hope they decide to support Prodigio.
03-20-2014 04:18:40
Me too!
At this point they might find that they start bleeding customers over to TradeMonster.
03-20-2014 04:21:55
I am going to call and recommend they consider Prodigio more seriously. Do you have a suggestion who I should talk to at TDA?
03-20-2014 04:23:52
Hmmm, not really. I haven't been keeping up with TDA people much lately.
03-20-2014 04:25:56
How have you been doing using P? Trading live? Any profits?
03-20-2014 04:29:20
Still paper for now. I do have my live account hooked up but I need to get money back into it before I can really trade from a live account again.
03-20-2014 04:32:28
How are you doing with paper? Also, is Mobius still around... what's he doing these days?
03-20-2014 04:34:26
I haven't talked with Mobius in awhile, He was working hard in thinkscript the last time we spoke.
Paper has been going fairly well. I had a fast swing trade strat that was working. I am currently working on a fast Day Trade strat.
03-20-2014 04:37:03
do you use the 'halfway back' 50% retrace for the Day Trade strat?
03-20-2014 04:39:38
This one is looking more to scalp in a channel and/or capture a parabolic move. Right now I am working on a SOH rule in the channel is not wide enough.
in = if
03-20-2014 04:41:22
SOH is Sell on high?
03-20-2014 04:41:43
Sit Oh Hands :)
03-20-2014 04:42:03
haha yes...
03-20-2014 04:42:37
It is too choppy if there isn't enough width.
I'll be back in a few minutes. I need to get some lunch ;)
03-20-2014 04:43:26
Right, ...I've got to get going... nice chatting with you again Bruce... bbl
03-20-2014 05:00:56
Had to work again trades. It looks like they are not ready to spank Yellen yet. Low on.
Wave 5 up of this 5year run could end just after the middle of April though.
Reload on VXX calls
03-21-2014 04:11:40
This Strategy is finally hitting on most cylinders. I think adding a SOH rule helped bunches. I have a couple more refinements in mind but I was quite pleased today. Up $230 at the end, was up $450 for a bit. The reversal in profit was still due to chop but it was a lot more in control today. I was able to predict every position so the strategy is definitely working as designed. I was running both SPY and GOOG today, GOOG was where most of the chop outs came from. I guess that is not too surprising since my design was done mostly looking at SPY.
03-21-2014 08:11:45
I practiced trading futures pairs...1 ES vs 2NQ...return to the mean. I looks very promising for a low risk way of trading futures. You trade the skew of the two contracts.

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