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03-08-2013 09:22:03
Good Morning everyone. Everything seems to be up and running here.
03-08-2013 09:34:48
GM RR! Quite a lengthly outage last evening. I am hoping it is part of their efforts to go live at OH.
03-08-2013 09:35:52
:) That would be good to hear.
Dan is supposed to call me later this morning, I will try and see if he can tell us if we got any server side updates. 
But for the amount of time it took they could have updated some equipment, course that too could be in advance of OH live. ;)
03-08-2013 12:18:21
Bruce r u in a trade ....?..............when u r free let me know......K...............want to bring something to your attention..........I have already contacted Prodigio about it
03-08-2013 12:20:19
Hey gordon, go ahead :)
03-08-2013 12:20:46
K ......ES future data in Prodigio is incorrect
have a look at it in Pro versus another platform
5 pts off
just sharing with you
03-08-2013 12:24:33
Interesting, I know that at one point they didn't have any futures data. But I don't know where they are getting the data from either. Hmmmmm
03-08-2013 12:24:56
they told me the next rollover they will fix
my concern is historical data for running scans
with any ticker
just popped in to say hi and share what i am seeing
Please also let Mobius know what you are seeing............i was going to email him.....or catch him on TOS chat...however you know they will censor
03-08-2013 12:29:11
I'm talking to him on skype right now ;)
03-08-2013 12:29:17
Just sharing with youand the dwithjust sharing with you what i seeI gue's also
one more thing i dont know which platform you are using to trade with ........i would say to you compare TOS candle print versus Prodigio
sorry dont know why my typing is messed up
03-08-2013 12:30:27
I have not seen a problem with regular stocks but I had not compared a lot lately.
03-08-2013 12:30:39
just sharing Bruce
not rying to stir the pot
anyhow they are aware of it........figured i would make you and Mobius aware of it also...
03-08-2013 12:33:00
Thanks, I do want to know of problems since other people do ask here from time to time ;)
03-08-2013 12:33:35
NP........please also compare candle printing of TOS versus Prodigio on a stock
let me know if you see the delay of the candle print on TOS
K.....take care Bruce.......GL with your trading.......
03-08-2013 12:50:30
I was just watching XLU in both a TOS chart and in CharttraderPro They seemed in sync
5min chart
03-08-2013 12:51:14
OK then its on my end with TOS.....will address thank you very much for feedback......
03-08-2013 12:51:46
Your welcome.
03-08-2013 12:51:55
ok take care ........back to trading
03-08-2013 12:52:08
Good Trading :)

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