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Chat 1/12/2013 to 1/13/2013

01-12-2013 10:18:40
Good morning. Anything new and exciting going on with Prodigio today?
01-12-2013 10:19:57
Good Moring MT, All quite on the western front. ;)
I'm mostly working on the site right now.
Pridigio did still seem to be working for me though.
Though, I think I had four strats running in RTS on Fri, there is only one now. One that fired on Fri that is missing was not broken this morning in WizLab. So I am not sure why it was missing in RTS.
01-12-2013 10:26:26
Prodigio opened up today into where I left off in WL and it won't let me make any changes. A rule dragged onto the pallate does not show the icom but rather My which goes away upon moving on the screen.
the icom is a small "My"
I may un-install and reinstall again
What about the Java 7 warning last night?
01-12-2013 10:29:21
I just pulled 5 random rules out into the canvas from different folders and they all came up fine
I didn't see a Java warning, I do see that I have a Java update pending.
01-12-2013 10:31:50
Do a Google on it
Security problem
Same problem after a re install. I can't make any changes to WL
01-12-2013 10:35:09
Did you disable Java?
01-12-2013 10:35:15
01-12-2013 10:37:09
Looks like it affects more then just Java, but Java is taking the brunt of the press. Microsoft has some of the same vulnerabilities it looks like.
I wonder if this is why I am having problems editing the site. ???
It is not letting me add a page for some reason.
01-12-2013 10:41:30
I put it on the Portfolio...closed and it reopend to Portfolio. I went to WL and my strat was still up...which is not normal. I still can't make any changes. If I start with a new slate and drag out a rule it pops to the top left of the screen and it looks like a small rectangular box with an X to close it rather than a regular rule with a name.
01-12-2013 10:42:52
That is what we had the first day.
01-12-2013 10:46:51
BT is working
01-12-2013 10:48:02
Hmmm, I was able to add a new page from a different browser window. Maybe it is time to reboot.
01-12-2013 10:49:28
All I can find on my XP machine is Java 6
01-12-2013 10:52:43
Hmmm, also have a windows update it looks like.
01-12-2013 11:00:53
I tried reseting to default screen and that did not work either. I'm dead in the water. I'm going to go offline and switch harddrives to my one with Quicken. I have a lot of bookkeeping to do. I'll be back later.
01-12-2013 11:02:11
Ok, see you later.
Anyone else having problems with the ProdigioUS site this morning?
01-13-2013 01:08:46
I can't make any changes to WL files or build new ones. Dragging a box onto the pallate ends up with a small unnamed rectagular box with an X in the middle at the top left of the pallate.
Can't delete files either.
01-13-2013 01:10:31
I'm not seeing the small box node, but I have been having problems editing Rules and Strats.
I have been hearing about a net wide Java vulnerability, a big scare I guess. One report was telling everyone to shut off Java unless really needed.
I'm wondering if we havn't gotten some updates that have disabled parts of java.
Not from Prodigio but in browsers and such.
I have also been having a hard time editing this site for some reason.
I did manage to get the beginnings of a Chat History and menu on the left from the Prodigio Chat page.
01-13-2013 01:37:32
I get dropped out when my Mac goes to sleep and have to reconnect. I don't remember seeing any Java updates unless they happen in the background (which I don't like). Macs don't install anything root level without asking for a password.
The only Java I am running however would be on my 2 PCs running XP.
I mostly browse and E-mail on the Mac...for security.
Java 7 was reported to be the problem which does not show up on may machines through a search.
01-13-2013 01:42:25
I don't know for sure what is up, Miss B was concerned and had contacted me on skype about it. She gave me a link:
01-13-2013 01:42:43
I have a Java folder in program files that contains jre1.6.0_22 and jre6
01-13-2013 01:43:25
It was originally published in aug 2012, but was updated this month sometime.
01-13-2013 01:43:46
Java does not show up anywhere else unless it is in the background under a different name.
01-13-2013 01:44:45
I think both TOS and Prodigio have there own java runtimes, not as sure about Prodigio.
01-13-2013 01:45:23
I run Sophos on the Mac
01-13-2013 01:46:24
I did have a Java verification notification on Win-8, it passed with latest version stated as being up todate.
01-13-2013 01:46:46
I don't think it will affect me on the Mac becuse mine won't run the new Java
01-13-2013 01:47:19
And I did have a windows update when I rebooted yesterday.
Just seems funny that we are having problems with Prodigio running properly and also seeing this java thing come up.
01-13-2013 01:48:42
While the reports have been stating the issue is with Java 7, there are reports from researchers that Java versions 1.4 and higher are all vulnerable to this flaw.
I use Caminio also which is a little more through obscurity.
01-13-2013 01:53:08
01-13-2013 01:58:00
Boy, Camino loads pages a lot faster when Java and Java script are turned off.
But chat will not work with Java Script off.
01-13-2013 01:58:50
got to be programmed in something. ;)

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