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Mon 2/4/2013

02-04-2013 08:55:33
have you ever noticed a strategy thats just suppose to long stocks but it ends up shorting it in the results?
in back test that is
02-04-2013 08:57:23
I've seen that a few times also. I think it has to do with exits that don't get cleared once the position is closed.
Good Morning everyone :)
02-04-2013 09:19:27
good morning all
Where is the folder located that strategies are saved in? Is it on the server?
02-04-2013 09:43:14
No, it is on your drive.
02-04-2013 09:44:50
I cannot locate it
02-04-2013 09:46:54
It is where ever you save them, but you can not see them from the folders on the left, they are filtered out. You can only see them from the open strategy button.
02-04-2013 09:47:01
Strategy is saved in mywizardlab folder, but seems to be a hidden folder
I wonder why they filter it out?
02-04-2013 09:50:45
Send in a request to see them in the left folder system. I suggested they give us a filter switch so we could see either .wlr or .wls files. I was talking to Dan about that and he had suggested that we be able to see them there also but was shot down. So if you think they should be there send it in. We need the weight of users on it. ;)
02-04-2013 09:52:55
I created a folder and added a strategy then deleted the folder. The strategy remained in the system,even though the folder was deleted. but was rogue and unusable. I have to recreate the folder and create a bogus strat and rename the strat to the rogue then delete the strat then folder seperately
02-04-2013 09:54:27

Yeah, having a way to see strats in the folder system would be a very usefull to organize, see if valid, even open with right click.
02-04-2013 09:56:48
Would be nice to have a my Strategies folder also. I thought there was once a few builds ago
02-04-2013 09:57:33
You can make one, that is not a problem.
02-04-2013 10:05:29
I created a folder My Strategies under mywizardlab folder and added a stra to it. the strat gets saved in the Prodigio Windows Explorer file system but you cannot view from the platform. The plaform stores the strat in a folder called Strategies.
that folder is obviously kept on the Server
02-04-2013 10:07:17
Is Prodigio working for anyone today?
02-04-2013 10:07:47
the created folder is just a place setting and all its contents are redirected or copied to the server, probably based on .ext
I am not 100% sure of this, but seems to be the case
02-04-2013 10:08:15
I'm getting TO hits but I am having problems adding a strat to TO for some reason.
02-04-2013 10:08:44
I was told to create a new account?
02-04-2013 10:09:28
02-04-2013 10:09:48
going thru the re-install process once again. I'll keep u posted.
02-04-2013 10:14:49
ok folks, have a good day, see you all later
02-04-2013 10:15:04
02-04-2013 10:15:33
Later Steve
02-04-2013 10:15:39
Morning. I noticed the multiple TO hit issue seems to be resolved. My TO strats showing one line for each buy/sell fire - as it should.
Anyone else notice that Market Indicies tab has nothing in it this morning, or at least mine is now showing anything.
Also, default symbol lists seem to be absent.
02-04-2013 10:17:15
Yes to all the above.
02-04-2013 10:19:25
reinstall does nothing for me. Buying power at zero again. I'll check in with Prodigio and see what the deal is today (ugh)
Created new account - have buying power but seeing same issues as Midwest
02-04-2013 12:28:34
Did you find out why you needed to make a new account?
02-04-2013 12:31:02
No. He was actually a litttle short with me today, so...I just let it be.
02-04-2013 12:32:43
Hmmm, hung over and bet on the wrong team. ;)
02-04-2013 12:33:03
I just emailed Dan and told him about the symbol lists being missing. I didn't put an urgent tag on it, so...I'll do other things until I hear from him.
02-04-2013 01:37:05
I was just talking to Mike and mentioned that also, they were already aware of it and working on it.
02-04-2013 01:37:21
I figured as much.
Patience is a virtue...
02-04-2013 01:38:38
said the spider waiting for his next meal.
02-04-2013 04:01:40
crazy market today
been testing some rules. Are there any settings for TO that limits the amount of hits?
02-04-2013 04:05:53
Down at the bottom of the Strat Builder
You can set the Cooloff so that a rule will only fire again after so much time has passed.
02-04-2013 04:09:27
thanks :)
How about Max Number of trades per symbol?
is a trade a buy and sell? or just one side?
the reason I ask is that in pairs trading I am buying 2 and selling 2
02-04-2013 04:21:02
That would only apply to RTS (or Backtest) TO shows all signals unless the cooloff is set.
I generally have that unchecked.
02-04-2013 04:22:56
understood.. If I have a buy on on stock and simultainiously sell its pair is that 2 trades or 4 trades per symbols?
02-04-2013 04:25:30
That would be one trade for each symbol, I believe only the entry counts.
Check this page out
02-04-2013 04:25:42
I agree with RR on that one.
02-04-2013 04:27:03
cool, thanks
I just dont want it to fire off again if conditions were already met and trade is on..
02-04-2013 04:32:03
Prodigio will only open one position at a time, unless you use Add to position to add more shares.
But the other concern to gaurd against is Whipsaw trading where your entrance and exit conditions are met again and again and again.
02-04-2013 05:04:51
thats the issue I am dealing with.. Lets say I am Pair trading PRU-MET. I have 3 rules and 2 strategies. I have an Entry Rule, a Stop and Target Rule. I place the Entry rule in SB at Entry and the other 2 at Exit using Logical OR. I create a watchlist for each stock. One for PRU and one for MET. If I want to go Long PRU, In SB I create the Buy strat and assign it to PRU. this creates the strategy. I then go back and create the sell strat by changing the Entry to Sell which swaps the Exit to buy and assign to MET
sounds complicated, but itss the way Shadowtrader has done it and appears to work..
im trying to simplify it :)
02-04-2013 05:15:28
I always thought that maybe it could be made simpler but I have not had the time to dig into yet.
02-04-2013 05:18:41
Im inching away at it in my spare time
by the time OH goes live with Prodigio I hope to be automated
Set it and Forget it :)
02-04-2013 05:23:06
I still have a lot of work ahead of me getting all the new stuff into the manuals. :)
Course that would not stop me from taking on a paid assignment ;)
ProdigioUS - Rule Templates - Bollinger Bands are expanding has been added to the Prodigio Users Manuals
02-04-2013 05:31:14
I may take you up on it.. Just waiting till OH and Prodigio are stable and depends on if ST will continue using the platform
02-04-2013 05:32:17
Hmmm, good question, they are located in the same building as Prodigio and are good freinds.
But I don't know what kind of deal (if any) they have with TOS either.
02-04-2013 05:33:09
thats the issue
i received a email from one of them from their personal email regarding OH
struck me as odd since it didnt come from ST email address
02-04-2013 05:35:53
It is not always easy to juggle multple email address, I know from experiance ;)
I once sent a news letter for this site from my personal email address :]
02-04-2013 05:38:55
I think we all done something like that on occassion
02-04-2013 05:40:02
Not a huge deal but until then I had been keeping my personal ID and my RoadRunner handle seperate.
02-04-2013 05:40:29
my orders got filled bought and sold,, so I know they are good. now just need to figure out if I want to use absolute vaule or GTE/LTE
02-04-2013 05:41:26
A absolue Cross value?
02-04-2013 05:41:42
they fired off 15 seconds apart
02-04-2013 05:41:43
02-04-2013 05:43:02
ill have to play with it some more
Need to go to the gym..See you all later.. Thanks
02-04-2013 05:45:01

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