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Chat 1/17/2013

01-17-2013 09:13:20
Good Morning Everyone :)
01-17-2013 09:35:00
cosmo TO hits yet and it looks like a lot of what I have on in RTS should be closing
01-17-2013 09:36:15
I've got TO hits.
01-17-2013 09:39:46
Good morning gang! Market's up. Hopefully some of my strats will recognize and exit as they were designed to.
01-17-2013 09:41:10
Non of mine did this morning and one stock gapped way up past the close point
No trigger in either TO or a close in RTS
01-17-2013 09:42:48
Do you use a X-Above or a GTE to test?
01-17-2013 09:43:15
X above
01-17-2013 09:44:47
I thought they had fixed that, But there used to be a problem if the line was Gapped during the extended hours.
Using the X-Cross nodes
01-17-2013 09:49:57
So does that mean the GTE will only work
Getting TO close hits now
01-17-2013 10:10:04
I should be seeing both TO and RTS exits now. Not seeing anything.
01-17-2013 10:16:24
Morning y'all.
cosmo - I'm reading that 3D printing link from last night you posted - Interesting.
01-17-2013 10:17:38
So far it only works with low strength material.
I've reviewed my RTS trades and most of them don't show up in BT. BT finds a different group then RTS puts on. for my main strat.
01-17-2013 10:34:06
Key Reversal Long - GS ...RTS went long for me...let's see how she plays out!!
01-17-2013 10:34:58
Morning all
I see from the chat that TO is working/not working for some people?
01-17-2013 10:39:17
I think it was likely working for me this morning however one of my filters may have kept me from getting hits. The filter is only on the entry side so would have expected to get exits right off the open with the gap ups. It could be the Xover is not working on gap opens.
01-17-2013 10:57:34
GS - stopped out.
first loser today.
01-17-2013 11:47:26
2 things - do your accounts keep getting jacked with? my available balance goes from 100k to 150k to 50k, etc. so I keep just resetting it
2. I just got hits in RTS but no hits in TO. That's a first for me?
01-17-2013 11:59:54
same, no hits on TO
01-17-2013 12:04:52
I heard some people saying that earlier this week, but mine always worked. wonder what changed
01-17-2013 12:11:57
I've been getting TO hits all day.
I've only had 1 RTS hit, but I am fairly full up.
Do any of you have any of these symbols in your Rule or Strategy names that you imported?
\\ / : * ? " < > | [ ] = ! @ # $ % ^ &
They are probably causing a problem with rules re-breaking and not re-saving properly.
01-17-2013 12:16:55
nope.. i'm also running the prebuilt Bollinger Bands Short Entry on TO, also no hits
01-17-2013 01:39:00
so we think a new patch will be released tomorrow?
01-17-2013 01:41:40
I got off the phone with Mike a little bit ago, He said that they were hopeful for getting it out for tomorrow, But that we had given them a pretty big bug list to complete :)
01-17-2013 01:42:06
haha. well technically, they gave themselves a pretty big bug list to complete...
01-17-2013 01:42:20
That is true ;)
01-17-2013 01:42:57
ive just emailed support a couple times with issues I couldn't figure out. I hope that means that my issues are on a list somewhere too. I know a lot of what Ive seen you guys have seen too though.
01-17-2013 01:44:20
But I think we did a fairly good job of finding a lot of them.
What ones did you report?
01-17-2013 01:45:38
my main issues are not being able to do accurate back testing bc I cant do an add position or an exit that will actually always go in after the entry order
because the orders put in on the entry tab dont seem to have a sequence to them, my exits were sometimes being triggered before my entry. and part of my strat relies on being able to add to my position at some point if the rules say so, which I can't reliably do
also, if I do successfully get it to do an add position order, then the exit will only exit the entry amount, so I'll have part of the trade left open
those are my biggies
01-17-2013 01:49:32
They are working on those issues, At least Mike and I did talk about some of those.
01-17-2013 01:50:25
yeah, that was the response I got from Dan. Known issues, among others.
01-17-2013 02:59:49
Is Strategy Builder not working today? Haven't used it for a day or two.
01-17-2013 03:03:16
They have not fixed anything in the last couple of days but I am finding that having some special characters in the rule and strategy names is a factor for me.
At least my Strategy Builder has been working so far since I cleaned that up. But it is not a easy process to manually clean up.
You can manually rename the files in your File manager but then you will break any rules that call for those files.
01-17-2013 03:14:16
I can understand why. I took a peek at the rules and strat files using notepad. They use XML to describe what we build in rule builder and strategy builder. It contains local (your pc) directory names and file names.
01-17-2013 03:16:40
Yeah, I was able to use a tool to do a find and replace within the XML. but I wouldn't suggest that for the feint of heart (lol)
It isn't a straight find "%" and replace with "Pct". The masks need to be very specific.
Mike was going to look into maybe being able to fix these at import. But it might take awhile to implement.
If you were in the Chat Page, you probably lost connection because I move the page around a bit :)
Should not have effected the floating chat window.
01-17-2013 09:27:52
Had to uninstall and reinstall to get WL back.