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Thrs 1/31/2013

01-31-2013 12:25:21
Anyone else able to log in after the update?
01-31-2013 12:36:03
No, the server seems to be down again.
01-31-2013 12:38:39
Thanks bruce!
01-31-2013 12:40:28
I hope they get the oil can out and lube some of these sqeaky spots.
01-31-2013 07:06:54
BT server must be down this morning.
01-31-2013 07:17:49
Yeah i cant run back tests either
well this kinda sucks.. been wanting to test a strategy :(
01-31-2013 08:24:23
Good Morning everyone :)
01-31-2013 08:24:28
Backtest working again
01-31-2013 08:24:44
Just ran a backtest and it is working now.
Latest Prodigio build is 5.0.16, and is up and running :)
Did auto update work for anyone? Or did you have to do the uninstall and redownload routine?
01-31-2013 09:02:02
I got error after load completed. I relaunched and it worked as normal.
01-31-2013 09:03:37
That media error thing?
01-31-2013 09:13:02
I have gotten the message before. Something about a file on c:\ bla, bla, bla.
01-31-2013 09:14:30
Yeah, I think that is the one.
01-31-2013 09:16:49
I noticed in SB that when you hover the mouse pointer over the entry/exit rule, it displays a bubble with the rule name along with its description. Helps when you have long rule names.
01-31-2013 09:17:32
Is anyone else noticing that BT is running but doesnt find any trades?
01-31-2013 09:18:55
Mine just came back with 73 results.
01-31-2013 09:20:13
okay thanks
01-31-2013 09:30:05
And we are off!
01-31-2013 09:40:20
False start... 8-)
01-31-2013 09:40:58
would you recommend using 'And' or 'Sequence' when having a rule that requires 2 different sets of technical analysis?
01-31-2013 09:42:30
I have not see many real uses for Sequence.
Both conditions must still be true at the same time, they must become true in the right order.
01-31-2013 09:43:41
Prod just went into Maintenance mode.
01-31-2013 09:44:16
must input A be the first and input B be the second? for sequence?
01-31-2013 09:44:59
Maybe they are replacing the system that keeps failing. :)
01-31-2013 09:45:26
and with OHLC do they all have to be the same time frame in the rule? or can i have one set of T/A at 5 minutes and another at a daily?
01-31-2013 09:45:27
Yes, A then B and both must remain true.
That is part of the real power in Prodigio. You can have as many different timeframes in a rule as you want.
01-31-2013 09:48:29
so if i want a rule with a macd rising on the 15 minute and an rsi under 30 on the daily that will work?
01-31-2013 09:48:32
I generally set up daily trend filters and 5 or 15min triggers.
01-31-2013 09:48:56
Door - yeap!
01-31-2013 09:49:02
awesome ty
01-31-2013 09:49:04
01-31-2013 10:01:09
Back up again.
Anyone else getting duplicate hits out of single TO deployed strat? Started seeing this yesterday. Also still have ghost strat showing up when it hasn't been depolyed since earlier this month. Ghost strat is getting hits.
01-31-2013 10:07:22
Yeah, I've been seeing doubles since 4.0
01-31-2013 10:28:28
buying power problems again...anyone else besides myself?
01-31-2013 10:30:41
Mine seems ok.
01-31-2013 10:52:46
on the horn with Dan about my buying power...
01-31-2013 10:57:17
Was checking my "Account Information" tab after RTS purchased first stock, which is now the only stock in my portfolio. It purchased 100 shares according to risk settings. The information in Account Information shows Open Positions: 1, Total Shares: 600, Open Shares: 100, Long Shares: 100... I have no other positions open except for the 100 RTS is managing. Why does it show Total Shares 600? Anyone else have this issue?
01-31-2013 10:59:57
Finally got back on my main harddrive. It has been failing and locking the computer. Turned out to be the SATA connector that I reglued overnight with JB Weld. Prodigio seems normal today however I am loaded to the limit with trades so no way to test the RTS that came in. Nothing closing so far. It asked me to set the Expiration Date at the start which I hd never seen before. I had to do that befor RTS would activate.My total shares looks ok MT.
01-31-2013 11:00:39
I wonder... I did manually close out five positions at market open which were found by RTS two days ago. That would add up to 600 shares.
01-31-2013 11:02:10
Could be it has not caught up with that,MT. You would think it would be only the current trades open.
01-31-2013 11:25:55
Just wondering if symbol lists are dynamic. By that I mean, if a changes made to a symbol list that is being managed by a strat in RTS and/or TO, would those changes (adds or deletes) be reflected to the strat when the symbol list is saved?
01-31-2013 11:41:54
VMW - took a beating the other day...tempting for a long
01-31-2013 11:47:00
gm seems that auto update is working. Updated fine
01-31-2013 11:53:20
that's funny, I just took a long position in VMW not 20 minutes ago
01-31-2013 12:19:22
obviously we see something in VMW
01-31-2013 01:50:42
I just noticed that my fixed target and stop prices on one strat that is holding positions in Portfolio are not showing up today.
These were put on yesterday
Some should have closed
A new trade just put on shows the fixed tartget but not the fixed stop
01-31-2013 02:07:09
They're still working on my, I've been out of Prodigio all day.
01-31-2013 03:23:35
Well, got my first round trip with my strat today in RTS. Hopefully the code fix they put in last evening will solve the swing trade close issue I have been having since V4.
01-31-2013 03:43:26
Just got off the phone with Dan, I asked him about the watch lists.
He says that they are not dynamic to the strats that are deployed on the servers.
If you make a change you need to undeploy and redeploy the strategy so the server sees the changes.
Same as with changes to the strategy its self.
01-31-2013 04:04:29
It would be nice to have a check mark on the deployed strat rather than deleting it from the list and then looking for it again.
We still don't have separate risk settings for each strat either. Some stats may want to use more capital than others.
One size fits all strats now.
01-31-2013 04:08:25
Yeah, I talked to Mike about that awhile back. They are planning to give us risk settings per strategy fairly soon.
01-31-2013 04:11:28
With what they have so far I would think it would not be over the top complex. I'm still a bit confused by the various folder places you can place statagies. I hope they do a video on folder management.
01-31-2013 04:15:17
You can put strategies in any folder, the list of Available Strategies grabs all of the strategies under the mywizardlab folder.
01-31-2013 04:15:42
RR: Thanks for asking about that. Not a big issue, just a nice to have.
01-31-2013 04:17:13
I was talking to Dan about making the folder window in SB able to see either .wlr or .wls files and folders. Switchable.
He had already put that idea forward and it was shot down...... but we could probably get them to change their minds on it.
01-31-2013 04:18:40
I am interested in learning more about the risk setting per strategy. I would like to have the ability to sell a group of stocks, under the management of the same strategy, if the reach an aggregate profit objective.
01-31-2013 04:19:06
Right now we don't have a good way to organize or see if strategies are valid other than trying to open them.
Drawdown and Drawup settings :)
The PreBuilt Template for Momentum Long is now up in both manuals. :)

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