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Wed 1/23/2013

01-23-2013 09:33:55
Good Morning Everyone :)
01-23-2013 09:52:15
RTS still had my rules in the list this morning on startup but TO needed to have them put back in the list. I'm getting hits in TO for the close side of strats but no long alerts.
01-23-2013 09:54:05
I'm getting hits on the close side of long strats.
I'll be out most of the rest of the day.
01-23-2013 03:11:09
RTS is filling and closing trades today :) :)
01-23-2013 06:10:10
I'm back finally :)
No exits for me but everything seems to have held its own today.
01-23-2013 06:14:15
I was out during market hours but had my strats running. Swing trades entered into yesterday, that should have exited today, did not. I put up a new strat this morning which found several new positions with one meeting exit criteria, and it did. I am sure the ones that are being held overnight will not close tomorrow, even if exit criteria is met. Have you done any desk checking to see if your swing trade exits were met but not executed? I bet a doanut that is the case.
01-23-2013 06:15:30
I had a chat with Mike about that, he was going to look into it.
01-23-2013 06:15:53
My finding is that positions that meet entry and exit criteria the same day the strat is put on, work fine. If they cross a market day boundry, they don't.
01-23-2013 06:17:10
Yeah, and I am thinking that may have been the same thing happening in ver 4.0
01-23-2013 06:17:56
Yep - that is exactly what I was getting then too. I was hoping V5 would fix it.
That absolutely has to be fixed.
01-23-2013 06:20:28
Oh, yeah. Makes it hard on a swing trader ;)
01-23-2013 06:26:55
kinda takes the robotic aspect out of it... :)

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