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Use the menu on the left under Manual Navigation to find examples of how to use Prodigio nodes.  
You can click on the examples to enlarge them or right click on them to open in a new window.

Note: if you are a Subscriber then the controls on the left will take you back to the ADVANCED MANUAL.

see what the Advanced Manual has to offer.


The Basic Prodigio Manual

Use the controls on the left side of the page to navigate through the manuals.

The controls for both the Basic and Advanced  Prodigio Manuals work the same way.
But you will find much more than just basic node descriptions in the Advanced Manual.


In the Advanced Manual there is so much more.  

  •  In the Advanced manual you will find.
    • Examples of how to string nodes together into rules.
    • Formulas that show the math behind the node.
    • .wiz Files for many examples with more being added all the tiime.
    • Even Thinkscript for when Prodigio studies aren't included in TOS.


    To see the difference between the advanced and the basic manuals visit the links below.




    Basic Manual

    Advanced Manual



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