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AhSo Ashi Strategy Club

The AhSo Ashi Strategy Club
This club is being organized to further develop the basic ideas that first appeard in the article Ahso Ashi part 1, Heiken Ashi reversals.  


AhSo Ashi(15min) Long ver 1.0.1, July 1st to 24th 2013
TraderVue reports 



The goals of this club are:


  1. Learn about Prodigio Rules and Strategies.
  2. Work on both Long and Short positions.
  3. Discuss applications for Day & Swing Trading. 
  4. Develop a winning usable strategy that is marketable.
  5. Share the revenue of this clubs results according to participation.
    • Participation is not just writing the rules but also
    • contributing to the discussion, 
    • asking questions, 
    • answering questions, 
    • backtesting strategies and providing results.
    • organizing backtest results so we can tell what is working.
    • You know, Participating!!!! 
  6. Have Fun!


If we do deside to sell these strategies, as organizer for this club I am setting myself a minimum share of 30%.  And as long as I'm not the only participant I will make that my maximum too.  But if I'm doing all of the heavy lifting I reserve the right to adjust that. 

To Join please fill out the membership form, then submit payments below.


 If you wish the subscriber price please Subscribe First.



  Join the Club $5.00 Monthly Dues


  Join the Club at Subscriber Discount, $1.00 Monthly Dues




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