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Introducing Strategy Clubs


Strategy Clubs are:

  • a way to learn about how to build a great strategy,

  • crowd source ideas,

  • share the development workload,

  • work on one or more strategies,

  • And this is really cool, all files are updated in realtime to all club members inside the platform,

  • meet interesting people,

  • make strategies that can be sold and

  • share in the proceeds when Strategies are sold, if that is the goal of the club.

Clubs will have one or more organizers that starts the club and defines the rules for participation including assigning moderators and deciding how many members can participate and writing any rules and goals that the club may have for participating.

The organizers must be subscribers to this site, that way other members have some assurance that there is a commitment to the club.

Setting up a club is easy, We do most of the work.


  • ProdigioUS will provide a presence on this site and in its other social channels.
  • We will set up a separate private webpage for the clubs activities.


  • Clubs can set meeting times and places that is conveniant to its members.  (e.g. I will probably use Google Hangouts for online meetings.  A local group might have a regular meeting place. Skype or GoTo Meeting might be other choices)
  • We will set up the file sharing system so all member files are updated automatically.
  • We will set up a separate Chat Room for the club.
  • We may or may not participate as a mentor.

Introductory pricing: 

  • Subscribers can join a club for $1 a month.  
  • Non-Subscriber dues are $5 a month.
  • $25 a month minimum to start a club. 
  • All dues count towards the $25 minimum for the club.




The club will own the rights to all strategies and rules developed for the club.  The club is responsible for file maintenance and backups.  The file sharing system does maintain backups but ProdigioUS is not responsible for them.  ProdigioUS is not responsible for the club's outcome.  



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