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Trading My IRA Club

Do you want to trade from your IRA?  

Do you want to have more control over your IRA account than just pigeonholing your money into the suggested mutial funds?

The only thing wrong with trading from an IRA are all of the rules that the goverment places on trading from your account to "Keep You Safe" and the way brokers interpret those rules.


Here is the place to talk about what can be traded, how often they can be traded.  And to explore writing rules and strategies that work best to trade within the rules for IRA's.


We will be maintaining a folder system within Prodigio where we can share Strategies and rules that the community writes.  These strategies can be backtested and run directly from the Prodigio Platform.  If you want to edit existing rule or strategy, pleast make a copy with your initials so as to not mess with something someone else is running.  And we will know :)

This community will also have a Google Plus community that everyone will have access to.  That is where we can discuss the strategies and rules, share images and talk about topics of interest.  If you don't already have a G+ account this would be a good reason to get one (They are FREE).  Along with the cummunity access we can also do live video streaming for the club from within Google Plus.

To join the club just fill out the form below and start paying your dues.

Dues are just $1 a month for subscribers and $5 a month for non subscribers.


 $5 per month for Non-Subscribers

 $1 per month for Subscribers



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