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Exporting Backtest Results to Excel not working for you?

A lot of people have tried to export their backtest results into Excel and find it comes in as a jumbled mess.  The reason it comes in as one column is that Excel thinks that the data is a .csv or comma separated values file.  But what Prodigio actually exports is a Tab Separated Values file, .tsv.  Excel uses the file extention to decide how to do the import. 

So one way around this is to rename the file from .csv to .tsv.  to do this you may need to change some settings in your file explorer to see the extensions of the file names and then associate the .tsv extension with excel but once you do that you can double click on a .tsv file and it will open in Excel and the table will be all in separate columns just like in the Prodigio report.

Another way to get the data into Excel is to cut and paste it in.  And this method works with all of the tables in Prodigio even the ones that don’t have export buttons.


Just click inside the table someplace, then click CTRL+A, CTRL+C or CMD+A and CMD+C for Macs.  The control +A will select and highlight the whole table and the control + C will copy it into the clipboard.   Then just paste it into the spreadsheet where you want it to show up.  You can even use the CTRL+V for paste or use the Excel menu button for paste.



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