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Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - February 2018 »

Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - February 2018


Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - February 2018

In this issue, explore features that you may not have known about Prodigio.
Auto Trading
You can have up to 10 strategies loaded for Auto Trading.  Each of the 10 strategies can run against different predefined symbol sets or custom symbol sets.  
By clicking the menu arrows in the top right hand corner of charts, you can view, change and save chart settings:
  • Show or hide extended hours trades
  • Show or hide volume, alerts, drawings and studies
  • Show or hide grid lines, value boxes, last price and pointers
  • Manage chart templates allows you to create your own chart templates, save and retrieve at any time
  • Ability to export chart images
Wizard Lab
To view the components of a prebuilt rule template, take the following steps:
  • Click on the Rule Templates folder
  • Click on the name of the study template folder you would like to use
  • Right Click on the Rule you'd like to view
  • Choose open template from the menu
By right clicking within any position within the portfolio panel you can load that position in charts, order management and options, view trades for that position and close that position.  You can also load, view and close all of your positions at once by choosing Select All Positions, Select All Equity Positions or Select All Option Positions.
Order Book and Reports
You can fully customize the columns in your Order Book and Reports panel in one step by selecting "more......".   Follow the steps below:
  • Right click on any column header
  • Scroll down to "More...."
  • Add or remove check marks next to the columns you want to add or remove
The Selected Scans at the top of the Trade Vision panel provides a quick view of the scan elements selected (Exchange/Symbol set, Basics, Price Events, etc)
We hope you enjoyed this edition of Prodigio Did You Know. 

Stay tuned for more exciting innovations coming your way.

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